Ice Bear Mad Dog Scooter Product Review And Sale

ice bear mad dog scooter review saleIf you want to buy a new motorized scooter, you’ll benefit from learning about the Ice Bear Mad Dog Scooter For Sale. The Ice Bear company produces a host of scooter designs which are very popular with consumers and they’ve been making these powersports products for over a decade now. One of their most acclaimed designs is the Mad Dog, which looks wonderful and performs like a dream, while also being very affordable.

Since Ice Bear is an established brand which offers exciting scooter designs which earn rave reviews from real-life owners, they are a smart company to buy from.

Now, let’s take a look at the features of Ice Bear Mad Dog Scooters…

You’ll Love the Mad Dog Scooter

The Mad Dog Scooter is one of the company’s most popular designs, for very good reason!

This fun and functional scooter option is known by the product name GEN I MADDOG (PMZ50-19). You’ll be able to check it out via the official Ice Bear website. It looks absolutely fantastic and it comes in a range of colors, including electric blue and bright yellow.

As well, it’s loaded with features. It’s also competitively-priced, so you’ll be able to buy your own for just $1899.00. This popular street bike design has 49.5ccs of power and it’s a single-cylinder design which features a front disc brake, as well as 4-stroke performance and a rear drum brake.

When you choose a Mad Dog, you’ll access a scooter which is constructed with smart engineering, from fine materials. Your scooter will have a belt drive and an electric/kick starter system. It will feature a front rear tire size of 120/70-12. The oil capacity for the Mad Dog is .8 litres. Its fuel system is a gasoline type which holds 1.2 gallons. Dual shock suspension is standard on this scooter.

People love these scooters because they offer good fuel economy, they are easy to ride and they perform well in a host of conditions. As well, they come from a brand which is both trendy and trusted!

Gen II and Gen III Mad Dogs are Available

If you want more features, you may want to consider a Maddog Gen II or III scooter, rather than the basic model. You’ll need to pay a bit more but you’ll get a bit more in return! All of these scooter designs are very well-made and they provide riders with the ultimate in comfort, durability and performance. As well, they are easy to use and maintain. If you want practical transportation which is fun, for a good price, any scooter from the Maddog range will fit the bill.

Buy a Mad Dog Today!

If you’re in the market for a new scooter, you should definitely consider the Mad Dog from Ice Bear. It provides a lot of benefits for an excellent price and you’ll really enjoy owning it. More and more of these fun and sensible scooters are out on roadways every day. They are a great way to get from Point A to Point B.